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These pages are intended to convey some of the information that has come forward. The purpose of showing the information is simply to provide a starting place for any interactions that might come about later between you and any of the person(s) mentioned below. Thank you for letting us know if ANY of the following is incorrect or should not be included here. Regards, eMail: Dave Shogren


Approximate Time-Period(s) at WTSC Project(s) Worked on at WTSC
And first-names of persons worked with, if can be remembered!
"Current" Information for Sharing
Gallus Schlegel
eMail: Gallus Schlegel
1980's to 2000. I just read through your page. This recalls almost immediately all the Residencies in Raleigh from the 1980's to 2000. ... the IDNX, Token Ring LANs, IBM Routers, 2220 Frame Relay & ATM Connectivity, Network Utility and ..... All these Residencies were great weeks/months for me and will always be in my memory. I'm retired since January 2010. Here in IBM Switzerland, the "official" retirement age is when you finished 62, so my retirement was regular, not early retirement.

On the technology side, I'm keeping my various computers at home up to date. The 2 main projects are:- I'm running an Asterisk, a full function PBX in software on a 6-Watt mini-PC  (linux open source) for my IP Phones at home - and, working on new HW and SW to control my heating system. The current controller is more than 20 years old and uses dbase which needs to be replaced as well.

Upcoming:  I may teach a few CISCO courses. The courses are all 1-week courses.

Gérard Beugnot

(Repeated here from the assignee's part of this Web page, as I participated as both a resident and an assignee).
eMail: Gérard Beugnot

1982 & 1986-thru-1989. It's nice to have some words in the Internet to remember some period of our common life.
  • Rowan str. Building 622 In 1982 .... Tape Reader/Writer on a 360/40 working in DOS!
  • And of course between 1986 and 1989.

I am still in touch with Jean-Louis P.

Say hello to your family and friends; ... the best of my memories.

Stay tuned, if you are interested! In the meantime, thank you in advance for contacting me - if you have memories of!

Micky Reichenberg
eMail: Micky Reichenberg
1985-1988 I am happy that through this site we will be able to renew the relationship we had with you and other assignees working for the ITSO. I started my assignment in August 1985 and stayed in Raleigh for 3 years. The work in the ITSO is considered as the most beautiful time my family  and I had. Short time after returning from Raleigh to Israel I accepted a package, retired from IBM and moved to South Africa and stayed there for 3 years.

Since 2006, I participate in residencies at the Poughkeepsie ITSO writing communications server Redbooks and "The new mainframe Networking text book."

Today, I act as an independent consultant in the area of IBM MF networking.

I participated in 4 residencies in Poughkeepsie ITSO writing Redbooks.

Mark van Stein
eMail: Mark van Stein
Early 1980s We worked at Rowan Street in the early 80's. For me, it was Token Ring and OSI. Those subjects have kept me busy for many years beyond my assignment. In the 1990s I worked for AT&T-Unisource Communications Services (AUCS).

Eventually, (again, in the mid 90's), AUCS was sold to Infonet. From then on I was asked to perform systems and network simulations for them (Infonet). The tool was/is supplied by Opnet. (refer to opnet.com).

After a couple of years of serving interesting customers and their misbehaving (slow) systems and poor response times, Infonet sold their Services Business to Vodafone. After that, I was in their training dept. In the middle of the that I left the company. At that time I was 61. Vodafone scrapped the simulation business 8 month after I left.

Next, I worked on my own, with the Opnet tools. Very costly though!! IIt was/is difficult for customers to subcontract to me and to pay for the Opnet tool as well.

So... since 2002 I am freewheeling. After a year or so, from approx early 2004, it means voluntary work. Mainly helping people with their PC problems and driving seniors whenever they need a ride to their appointments. All that (computer-services and voluntary driver services) is organized by the Bennebroek Community.

Pete Russell
eMail: Pete Russell
Aug 81 - Aug84 and various others (even back into the 1970s). I (even) remember lunchtimes at the 'Deli King' with suitable fondness and lack of clarity. Token-Ring IEEE 802.5, SNA PU type 2.1, APPN,  SNA LU type 6.2 and APPC. My first interaction with WTSC Raleigh was with Dave Shogren and Snap/Shot. My job at that time was predicting network and systems performance using a number of tools including simulation and analytic techniques. This was in the 70s, about the time of the infamous Five vs Snap/Shot discussions or wars. Influential to me at the time were Dave Shogren, George Bachouros, Jack Harris and my UK colleague Richard Revell. I enjoyed that so much I applied for a 3 year assignment which began in 1981.

My WTSC Raleigh Mgr, Jack Miess, suggested I switch my assignment from performance modeling to then emerging LANs and peer SNA protocols and products. I agreed and floundered for many months before gradually finding my feet with help from Dan Pitt and Dan Warmenhoven out in RTP, Harry Dutton (an Australian WTSC assignee), and Patrick Abbott and Luke Wilson from UK FSC. I had few residents; but, Gerard Joseph from Australia did sterling work on the APPC redbook and immeasurably helped my understanding. Again, I have to mention the "Deli-King" and our business lunches there.

Later-on, I sang for the 'Hughe Grunt' blues band from 1998 to 2007, playing mainly pubs and village halls in and around Hampshire and South West London, and I'm very proud of a 7 track CD we recorded in 2002.

I finally took early retirement from IBM in January 2003 to work with my daughter, son and son-in-law running a number of 'gastro-pubs'. Needless to say my experience as a customer of the 'Deli King' helped enormously in this regard!

I also remarried in 2003. I left the world of work altogether in 2008, and in 2009 my wife and I emigrated to Dublin, California where we now live. My wife works for Cisco in Advanced Services, and I keep house, visit wineries in Napa, Sonoma, Paso Robles and Livermore Valley, entertain friends and family when they visit, and try to keep up with my 3 kids and 5 grand children.

Georges Plainecassagne
eMail: Georges Plainecassagne
1992 and 1993. I can’t forget the 2 short stays that I spent in Raleigh in your team. Wonderful experience - and I also remember your good wines. I left IBM in 1996. After leaving IBM I came back to the university: In Fribourg (CH)  to study theology.

In 1997 I married Mijo, and we are living at Palaiseau, 20 km south of Paris. Mijo is still working for PTC (American company based near Boston).

Our daughter spent one year in NY and at the end of her stay we made a tour in the west of US 2 years ago.

Now, I have a small activity as a psychoanalyst. I work as a volunteer in my parish and for other associations.

I am still travelling, mainly in Indonesia, Philippines.

I am in good shape - even after a coronary bypass in 2014.

August, 2018

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